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Job Responsibilities

• The airworthiness of all aircraft operated. Supervision of all maintenance, parts and cleaning personnel.
• Reviewing and approving the anticipated work schedule and work packages to ensure all required tasks are included.
• Coordinating and aligning scheduled and unscheduled maintenance/inspection activities into the daily schedule.
• Planning for long-range work requirements involving major components, rework and maintenance/inspection personnel.
• Ensures that all maintenance and alterations are accomplished in accordance with approved data.
• Maintains in current condition the manufacturer’s service manuals, instructions, service bulletins, airworthiness directives, and aircraft specifications appropriate to aircraft operated.
• Oversees procurement of material and parts inventory.
• Tags and identifies receivable parts.
• Tags or disposes of rejected or unserviceable parts.
• Provides appropriate guidelines for the inspection of work performed away from the approved maintenance base.
• Prior to adding a component and/or material to inventory, inspects for the airworthiness and/or condition
• Reviews and audits completed work packages for completeness and correctness.
• Reviews all records of work performed, prescribed repair methods, provide installation details, and determine the method of approval.
• May assign personnel as required for inspection duties.
• Assures that all maintenance employees follow prescribed safety practices in the performance of their duties and reviews new work routines or recently purchased equipment with them as necessary.
• Ordering, acquisition, and inventorying of all component part and materials utilized for repair, maintenance and inspection of its aircraft.
• Maintains copies of records for work accomplished.
• Coordinates with Director of Maintenance unscheduled maintenance that is required on an aircraft while it is away from home base with the aircraft crews, operations department, dispatch and the approved maintenance facility.      



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Via Airlines

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Maitland, FL

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